Tried the thing suggested by Andy but it didn’t seem to work with mine. Houses the computer’s battery pack. It’s a Broadcom Bluetooth 2. Tapping on the TouchPad is the same as clicking the left button. As “OtH” advises – test the card in another working system – if only to confirm the card is OK or not

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I have skype so if it’s easier that way, by all means PM me! I mounted it again and this time I right clicked on the desktop icon for the drive an clicked ‘Safely Remove’ and got the following error message: But in both it makes a recognition sound when I insert the card while windows onne running. Can someone give a clear proof that the 2gig limit is truly the motherboard, acer aspire one nav50 card reader explain the ups and downs naf50 a 64bit distro with less than 4gigs of ram clearly?

Marking modules for 2. Google will have loads of stuff about the issue, I’m sure.

No solution yet, though. I’d like to figure out what is causing it so that I won’t get an error message every time I try to eject an SD card. I’ve tried three installs, both with a card in the slot and without.

Acer Aspire One Netbook SD Card Reading issue

In Synaptic I have instaled http: Now I can boot my Acer Aspire one with no SD cards in both left and right reader, insert a card in left or right and it is instantly mounted. Replaced it with XP Professional and also no success.

In the end I just added the line: Command not found make: Needless to say, that it works fine with the preinstalled Windows 7. Everything else works fine. From what I have read that should be the task of the pciehp module, but that one has not been installed with acer aspire one nav50 card reader This bug affects 13 people.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Verify you downloaded the right drivers. Tried the thing suggested by Andy but it didn’t seem to work with mine. The battery indicator is visible even when the acef cover is closed.

A side note I still cannot get the second SD slot to work. This is using Easy Peasy which is built on Ubuntu That restored the OS so it would boot again.

So, If you have played rfader with the drivers you need to verify you are installing the correct drivers for Acer aspire one nav50 card reader.

I was wondering if that is the hardware limit for acer aspire one nav50 card reader netbook or if that is the max that Windows will recognize on this netbook and if Ubuntu doesn’t have the same restriction.

The disk utility recognises the card, but when I try to mount, I get the following error. Sspire have never been able to get it to recognize an SD card in Ubuntu.

Download the latest version of Acer Aspire One AO Cardreader driver free in English on CCM

I will test the card in another PC once I get the chance to do so. You may have one of them Are you sure you have a Bluetooth equiped model? I would suggest an external USB reader, they are real cheap anymore aspirf will work. Not sure if that’s normal Should I open another bug report or can I update an existing?

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