Pros Cheapest processor out there that overclocks and gives a great performance. In fact if anything the overclocking performance has been enhanced. With six cores, it made sense to purchase this processor over expensive Intel rivals at the time. Before starting with the actual performance review lets quickly go through the specifications of the FX CPU multi-threaded rendering performance Cinebench R It is staggering how easily this chip can be OC’d and how powerful it then becomes compared to notable competition, not excluding i7. There’s still no getting away from the fact that the Intel Ivy Bridge chips are ideally what you want in your machine, but the AMD alternatives are there if you can’t afford to stretch all the way to a full Intel platform.

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Integrated GPU performance for parallel computing. PassMark Data courtesy Passmark.

It’s a 6 core and don’t confuse Hypertransport Amd fx 6300 for foolery Steamroller should squeeze more into each Bulldozer module to amd fx 6300 each core to function much more like a traditional CPU core, and should seriously beef up the single-threaded performance of the next generation processors. With that sort of raw processing power from a cheaper chip you could then drop the money you’re saving going for an AMD platform and plough that cash into a superior graphics card.

AMD FX-6300 Six-Core

Multi-player gaming is not possible on this processor though most games will play well. The benchmarks show that amd fx 6300 across the board this chip is faster than the higher clocked six-core CPU.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight. Specifications Full list of technical specs. Fuk this Sh1t Based on the x architecture this bit processor has 8MB fxx shared L3 cache that translates amd fx 6300 1.

Intel Core i3 Compare. That’s not the only difference between this and the previous chip as, despite having fs same general make-up and 14MB cache size, the FX has got a lower TDP than the Bulldozer. With the clockspeeds taking a cut compared to the previous processor, and a lower overall TDP to boot, you might be forgiven for thinking amd fx 6300 overclocking prowess of this Piledriver CPU may have been compromised.

Nope wrong, the modules feat 2 physical cores, not even like hyperthreading at all come on now. CPU single-threaded rendering performance Cinebench Amd fx 6300 Completely unlocked, you can use as many multipliers as you wish.

But that’s quite a way off, and so we have to be content with this current heavy plant update.

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Akd that remains is to test its gaming abilities. What AMD has done is tighten up the code a little, offering a quicker approach to processing. For gamers, be careful when thinking of the FX By virtue of its Black Edition status, the overclocking is relatively easy and gives you multiple ways – amd fx 6300 or multiplier – to get to the ams frequency you can. GeekBench bit Data courtesy Primate Labs.

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The FX is a workhorse fs that is evident by its wide range of overclocking abilities. The multi-threaded performance easily eclipses a stock Core i5, and almost manages to do the amd fx 6300 in single-threaded performance too.

For our purpose, we compare the performance of the FX with the FX and the Core i3 since they are the closest priced CPUs in our dream list.

All that at verivied stability of AMD Amd fx 6300 utility.

AMD FX | TechRadar

With multi-core scores, when amd fx 6300 at 4. When you overclock the processor, it gets hot really quick amd fx 6300 the power consumption rises to some extent too. The benchmarks show that almost across the board this chip is faster than the higher clocked six-core CPU. At 95W then it’s a little more efficient than its progenitor. Intel Core i3 That said you don’t really need to have an overclocking mobo to push the Core i5 up over 4.

Easy to overclock using multipliers.