Press Contact Jessica Pasch. The slightly abstracted alphabet is quite easy to learn. Getac PS Main Features 3. The PS handheld PDA is perfectly suited for GIS surveying applications across different sectors including utilities, oil and gas, forest patrol, and surveying and mapping of geology and mineral resources. A small phone-style microphone is below the keypad. There is the keyad, there is a nice pop-up keyboard, and three are also no fewer than three different ways of recognizing text. Backlight intensity, backlight shut-off and device shutoff can all be used to optimize battery life.

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Below you can see screenshots of the onscreen keyboard, the Block Recognizer, and Transcriber. On the left is the TacLink utility that displays pertinent satellite data. Post processing can result in getac ps236 better accuracy, down to the sub-meter range.

The slightly abstracted alphabet is quite easy to learn. For one thing, it’s rugged enough to survive rain, dust, drops and all sorts of abuse, even total immersion in getac ps236.

Getac PS Mobile Computer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

It’s an attractive design with a handy keypad for rapid data entry, and will compete directly with the ultra-rugged PDA offerings from the likes of Trimble, P2s36 and Juniper Systems. Operation of the PS is via keypad or stylus. Of most getac ps236 to prospective customers is the new getac ps236 IP67 ingress protection rating.

The PS includes a separate altimeter, is able to determine pitch and roll, probably via an accelerometer, and can also detect barometric pressure. Users can connect the PS to a GIS server and instantly transmit or process data in getac ps236 field using its built-in real-time voice function or a Getac Bluetooth modem.

Getac PS236

Like the getad PSF, the new PS comes with a built-in 3-megapixel getac ps236 camera, an altimeter and an E-compass. Letter Recognizerwhich also recognizes individual letters instead of whole words, but uses the standard alphabet instead of the getac ps236 modified one of the Block Recognizer. Weight is a bit over a fetac, including battery. The built-in camera getac ps236 instant visual data capture on location and its resolution and quality are high enough so that taking a fragile camera along may not be necessary.

The built-in camera enables instant visual data capture on-site. On the display side, it has a 3. The pictures below are screenshots getac ps236 the Getac PSF. Add to that a super-sharp 3.

The Getac PS makes it easy to getac ps236 data getac ps236 does not require the need to learn the system. As I walked around a building, the Getac ps236 handheld showed me exactly where I was and by exactly I mean just that; not in the general vicinity.

Capable of running at clock speeds up to MHz, the PXA provides excellent speed, hardware video acceleration, DRM security and combines them with low-power modes ad the ability to dynamically adjust voltage and frequency for optimal battery life.

Any of those input methods, once getc, work very well.


The idea here is that almost all letters are “unistrokes,” or consisting of a single uniterrupted stroke, which makes them easy to pa236 for the computer. The differentiation can be getac ps236 bit confusing. Blickenstorfer — view review as PDF On September 8,Getac announced an addition to its getac ps236 line of rugged mobile computing solutions consisting of rugged notebook, tablet and handheld computers.

And whereas the Block Recognizer lets you shift case, the Letter Recognizer, which goes back to a product called “Jot” by CIC Communication Intelligence Corporation, has different data entry gegac for upper case, lower case and numerals. Whereas IP54 means mostly protected against dust and protected against water spray from all directions, the PS is completely sealed against dust and is also totally waterproof, even when immersed in water. Compared to earlier versions of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.

Windows Mobile, getax the other hand, is a platform that is also based getac ps236 Windows Getac ps236 CE, but has the more consumer-oriented look and feel and features required for PDAs and smartphones. Press Contact Jessica Pasch. This can greatly extend battery life, though it can also be annoying to have to wake it up all the time. There are getac ps236 lot of tools getac ps236 into this unit that, combined with the proper software, make entirely new applications possible, applications that in the past either required multiple devices or simply were not available in the field.

Anyone who has ever used a Windows Mobile device will instantly be familiar with getac ps236 rich functionality and the mobile versions of the major Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer. The e-Compass can be set so that either the needle or the getac ps236 rotates, and altitude can be set to GPS or the built-in altimeter.

Backlight intensity, backlight shut-off and device shutoff getac ps236 all be used to optimize battery life. Transcriberwhich is a full-function handwriting recognition system that also goes way back almost to the beginning of PDAs more than 15 getac ps236 ago. Since Windows Mobile devices are instant-on, it’s generally good practice to have the device quickly go to sleep when it is not used.