So, change the PID, change the product. Step 3 – Open the CyConsole. Eastern Canada – Markham, Ontario Tel: Privacy and Security Policy. Generate a number of standard frequencies using the 8 signal lines.

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Save trace data to a file for further processing. Usbed you’ve looked into these hobby-level logic analyzers, you’ve probably also considered usbee zx Saleae Logic analyzer.

USBee – usbee-zx-analyzer

Create I2C scripts including detailed start, stop and ack positioning. Here is the basic step-by-step.

Privacy and Security Policy. Step 3 – Open the CyConsole.

Download usbee zx for free (Windows)

Privacy policy About Project Server Disclaimers. So far all ZX features are working with the ‘modified’ SX. Step 6 – Enter Parameters to Read.

It’s possible the process does not work exactly how I expect for both devices, or I am missing some key parameter that also needs to be changed although it could really only be somewhere in the bytes of external EEPROM.

The basic process is outlined below: USBee Suite Usbee zx signal usbee zx software including usbee zx bus decoders and automatic measurements. This analyzer usbee zx many of the same features and is probably most popular in the hobbyist world. If you run into problems with a step, check below for common errors and mistakes I made.

However, it would turn out to be even simpler than this. Go to Cart Go to Mobile. Eastern Canada – Markham, Ontario Tel: This makes possible an affordable USBee ZX, while pushing the sample storage capabilities orders of magnitudes beyond that of traditional dedicated logic analyzers or signal generators.

Download and install CWAV USBee ZX driver

Powerful signal analyzer software including serial bus decoders and automatic measurements. Retrieved from ” http: However, if the Saleae software is started, the driver crashes and Windows disconnects the device. Views Read View source View history. The devices each use different drivers. The Knowledge Base Article described how to do just that. After some screwing around with unsigned drivers and locating the necessary HEX file, I made it usbee zx Cypress’ “patented technique” consists of initial enumeration which causes the drivers to seamlessly download firmware into RAM usbee zx re-enumerate as the desired device described in Datasheet.

Step 7 – Enter ubee New Values. Step 5 – Download the HEX file. Control 8 independent PWM signals using scroll bars.

ZX Pulse Counter Count edges of digital pulses that occur on each of the 8 signal inputs. Usbee zx device has built-in firmware. Does that usbee zx they could be interchangeable?

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