Creative Inspiration – Build on Online Presence Teuila Mau

Web Design

As Ive said before, in most instances, your website is the first place that your potential customers will actually meet you.  So, make a good first impression!  An effective and relevant web design coupled with promising SEO practices is a great place to start. 

Social Media Marketing

Making social media marketing a priority in your business is essential.  In todays world, with everything happening in real time, your business only benefits from an online presence which includes an identity on social media. 

Email Marketing

Time and time again, eMail campaigns yield big results.  According to one study, even more so than Facebook and Twitter combined.  So, its no wonder businesses are making eMail campaigns a big part of their marketing strategy. The options are endless, really.  

Build an Online Presence

Now, more than ever, an online presence is vital to any company.  Social media is continually on the rise and your website is the first place that your customers actually meet you.

According to recent statistics, 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online.  And, 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying.  These numbers are too high to ignore.

Building an online presence doesnt have to be overwhelming and Id be glad to help.  Its something that I take great pride in and really enjoy doing.  Websites, eMail marketing, social media, you name it!


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