About Us

Growing up, I was always interested in the more traditional art forms. Painting, drawing, sculpting… At the same time, I had an extreme adoration for computers and technology. While other kids were playing outside, I was on the computer making scenes in PowerPoint (out of clipart!), creating business logos in CorelDraw and taking pictures of anything and everything.

When I was 13 years old, my grandfather was a Computer Consultant at a large, successful company here in Ottawa. One day, he phoned me from work to ask me for help with a software program and I was able to help him. That was the day I knew that my future would be filled with computers.

Since then, I’ve graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in the Interactive Multimedia Developer program. Shortly before graduating, I started working at Corel where I’ve had the opportunity to design and code material in over 25 languages worldwide.  Currently, in my role as Social Media Content Design Specialist, I am designing and implementing online marketing materials such as websites, eMail campaigns and social media content.

Throughout my 7+ years at Corel, I have also been expanding my portfolio with many freelance projects. Anything from designing and coding websites to video editing to designing print material.